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Everyone is in love with the Bartender

Newport Beach has young, beautiful, tan women, some may have paid to look like this while others it has come naturally. So, working in a boujee Restaurant in Newport Beach, all the women are beautiful and the bar is the hub for Men to display their wealth while enjoying a cocktail during a work week. Whether that be in a brand new Tesla as their everyday car or a Porsche just to drive down PCH.

What do you expect?

It's no secret, married, divorced, and single men want to push the bounds with the female bartender, just for fun. And as a bartender you allow the completely weird and inappropriate comments, just to make a dime for your lively hood.

The best ones are talking about politics (and not actually wanting to hear my opinion) to display (his so called manliness); "how men, my brothers went to war, and built this nation (by killing and stealing everything), "liberals shouldn't be teaching", "how our government is stupid", "gas prices are the blame of Joe Biden", "Covid doesn't exist" (I'd like to see you try in politics, gas prices actually are not because of the president, and Covid does exist), or my favorite "pull down your mask I want to see that smile".

To say the least it is entertaining to observe these men, and completely degrading.

It's like its written in the pavement that the bartender will be a young beautiful female, and rich creepy men will circulate these watering-holes to have their "fun".

And I just put on a smile and hold my tongue.

Well a message from your friendly female bartender, I don't want to hear your political stance, and I WILL NOT pull down my mask so you can see my smile, that is wildly inappropriate.

Don't be weird.

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