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The Most Traumatizing Job to Exist

The most traumatizing job to exist by far has to be customer service. Specifically the restaurant industry, and it's traumatizing at all angles.

Location: Newport Beach

Angle 1. Serving people who are so rich they don't even have to worry about their Maserati getting towed because there was no parking and they decided to park on the sidewalk, dine, and treat you like peasants.

Angle 2. The same guests/rich people have all the power, and I mean ALL OF THE POWER. All with this one thing called Yelp or customer reviews. And they call it Yelp so people who have nothing better to do can go on there and bitch like a little dog yelping as if they have been severely bit. The stakes of leaving a bad review puts employees in fear of losing their job if not getting fired who usually are poor college students just trying to pay there way through.

Angle 3. You aren't a person.

Angle 4. The money you make is so good it's like a toxic boyfriend you can't stop going back to. I can make 1,500 in one week working 3 nights at the restaurant. Yet a teacher who teachers children how to learn make less money than I currently do.

Angle 5. Guests walk all over you, berating, harassing, assaulting, telling you to smile, and at the end you beg for their money via a tip just to survive and hopefully live out your dreams that your going to college for.

If there is any job that could make a person go crazy or destroy their mental health it's the restaurant industry but how else are you suppose to pay rent in Newport Beach one of the top 3 most expensive places in California. I read an article or maybe it was a Ted talk whatever it was it highlighted the trauma employees working in the restaurant industry go through, they compared it to slavery. A scary comparison because how do you compare anything to slavery yet they did. I also heard research on how high anxiety is working in the restaurant its worse than a surgeon performing surgery.

To the people who dine at restaurants don't be a fucking asshole.

To the people who work in the customer service industry good luck and God be with you.

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