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“Happiest place on earth”

Newport is considered, yet another “happiest place on earth”. Don’t get me wrong I used to live in Newport and it’s great, clean, safe, and comfortable.

I just moved to Long Beach and maybe that’s why I’m biased or just that my eyes have been opened, finally. Long Beach is cultured, real, even considered “dangerous”, diverse, “the melting pot“, and realistic. Not to say Long Beach has got it all going on but Long Beach kinda has it all going on.

Oh no it’s far from perfect but that’s just it, that makes it so desirable.

It’s a great place to live if you want to live in reality.

Newport is great for someone who’s looking for comfortability, wealth, power hungry male dominated ego, “perfection” plastic, and familiar. While being a female living alone in a studio apartment with her cat I’m thankful to be in Long Beach and have enjoyed my time thus far. Eyes opened.

Check out Long Beach, don’t be afraid, or go to Newport. Open your eyes, It’s up to you, or don’t.

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