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Caution: Adult Playground

Updated: Jun 24

Newport is Southern California's most desired place to live. Not only with the most beautiful weather, and clean beaches, but safe, and luxurious living. But as I drive into Newport the place where I once lived, I come to the realization that it is just an insecure males playground with plenty of toys that will only break their souls and the bank.

And why?

Whether you move to Southern California with good intentions, it has a way of turning you into a superficial child. Receiving the starring role, acting, and playing a part of, "even though I don't have money or maybe I do (from a trust fund, or rich parents,) I have to dress the part, and am only here to impress with fancy cars, suits, watches, and ego." It's so easy to get swept up into this trap, drinks, business lunches, and the #1 assault picking up the tab. Its easy to fall into this hole of debt, due to the attempt of impress your "friends" in Southern California. Before you know it you're climbing up those U shaped bars and slip and crack your chin open.

Be careful playing on the playground, or don't, good luck.

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