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Me in real life

Have you seen the movie Dan in Real Life?

Well if you haven't I think it's a movie worth watching and if you have, here's what I have to say.

This movie spoke to me in ways some of you may see and others will not.

It's a cute cheeky movie, family, light hearted fun, and love. Some may view it as this, and I do too, but I relate to Dan on such a deeper level. Dan is sort of the black sheep of the family, the scape goat, easy to make fun of. Everyone is constantly wanting what is best for Dan and concerned for him and finally when he finds the best thing he's reprimanded and destroyed over it. He just can't do anything right, and the family is so harsh with him, when truly I think he is a beautiful person.

Well, sure it gets complicated and messy but come on give Dan a break. His wife died, he's dedicated his life to his daughters, and he's in love with his brother's girlfriend.

I know I know, rough, or even fucked up. I am not one for adultery or cheating, I hate it and usually write people off pretty quickly but if you have seen the movie you know this is different.

Really she was in love with Dan the whole time.

This movie stopped me in my tracks where I started holding back my tears, it moved me so much because well I am Dan in real life.

At least, I see Dan and feel strongly for Dan.

And yes this is just a movie but it struck a chord, deep.

While this story ends so very happy and beautifully I must say, my story could have ended this way.

It weird the character Dan I think is me in a lot of different ways but I think is also the love of my life. He used to serenade me with the guitar, singing, cabin trips with his family, and help watch the kids as they run around and scream at the top of their lungs.

You see I pictured my life just like this, with him.

This movie brought to life the vision I had I think I've kept hidden, getting married at his cabin by the lake, the whole family there, talent shows, and being serenaded with a song on the guitar in front of everyone.

This scene just about killed me and my heartbreaking unrealistic fantasy that I wanted so badly, and felt so close too.

So, if you have no idea what I am talking about watch Dan in real life and if you have seen it and still have no idea, we'll chop this entry up to blasphemy.

Go watch it. Or don't.

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